Leveraging vulnerabilities created by the cancer genome to identify safe and effective therapeutic strategies for cancer patients

Our Research Focus

In the Cancer Dependency Map project, we profile large panels of cell line models to capture the heterogeneity of human cancer and link the molecular and genetic alterations of the tumors to their dependencies. Within the TDA laboratory we:

Apply new functional genomics approaches and technologies to identify new ways to map vulnerabilities at scale.

Develop experimental and computational strategies to prioritize therapeutic targets from DepMap datasets.

Investigate the molecular basis of the dependencies and triage targets to drug discovery pipelines.

Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team that embraces different perspectives and talents to accomplish common goals.

Francisca Vazquez

TDA Group leader, Director DepMap

Samantha Stokes

Program Manager

Kirsty Wienand

Scientific Lead

James Neiswender

Target Discovery Project Lead

Lisa Brenan

Target Discovery Project Lead

Tsukasa Shibue

Target Advancement Project Lead

Patricia Borck

Target Advancement Project Lead

Jenny Serra-Vinardell

Target Discovery Project Lead

Alina Simerzin

Target Advancement Project Lead

Mike Burger

Computational Scientist

Barbara De Kegel

Computational Biologist

Daniel Venooker

Project Manager

Chyna Betts

Senior Operations Specialist

Isha Lokurkar

Project Manager

Shreenath Rajendran

Laboratory Ops Coordinator

Lisa Cervia

Post Doc

Jason Kwon

Post Doc

Gabriel Mesa

Research Associate

Harry Liang

Research Associate

Tate Bertea

Research Associate

Nia Lloyd

Research Associate

Megan Wong

Research Associate

Ashley Anderson

Research Associate

Zoe Posner

Research Associate

Anthony Lau

Research Associate


Ashir Borah

Computational Associate

Edmond Chan

Post Doc

Daniel Bondeson

Research Scientist

Linh (Mylinh) He

Research Associate

Brent Paolella

Target Advancement Project Lead

Sara Wie

Research Associate

Nolan Bick

Research Associate

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Selected publications

Are CRISPR Screens Providing the Next Generation of Therapeutic Targets?

Francisca Vazquez et al.
Cancer Research

Predicting cell health phenotypes using image-based morphology profiling

Gregory P. Way et al.
Molecular Biology of the Cell

Bridging the gap between cancer cell line models and tumours using gene expression data

Javad Noorbakhsh et al.
British Journal of Cancer

Agreement between two large pan-cancer CRISPR-Cas9 gene dependency data sets

Joshua M. Dempster et al.
Nature Communications

Genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 screen identifies druggable dependencies in TP53 wild-type Ewing sarcoma

Björn Stolte et al.
Journal of Experimental Medicine

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Francisca Vazquez

Target Discovery Advancement Team
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
415 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142